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We are equipped to cater and handle your weddings, communions,
baby showers, corporate meetings and seminars, anniversaries, retirement parties,
birthdays amongst others.

Imagine your weeding as a extraordinary as your love

Party Locations

A party can be a host to a large crowd or a small gathering, depending upon your choice. We are happy to share that our halls can be utilized for a big fat wedding as also for a small intimate birthday party. Our locations are neat, can be utilized as per you choice and can be extended to the courtyards as per your needs and keeping weather conditions in mind.


Catering and Food

Usually food is the primary reason for a guests’ attendance to an event. Keeping this in mind we provide a catering service that will leave you licking your fingers and a memory of the same etched forever.


Decor and Decorations

A banquet hall needs to be a perfect blend of colors, theme and decorations. It should be a pleasant place to be in as well as prove to be a treat for the eye. Our décor and the overall decorations will never allow your eye to settle in one place.


To rejoice the day you were born

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are the time when friends and family- near and far find the time to meet you and each other under the context of birthdays. It is important to have a gala time at this event and we make sure you have the same. To create a wonderful birthday scene we offer the following services:

  • Party Locations
  •  Party Suppliers & Flavors
  •  Catering & Food
  •  Party Rentals & Sales
  • Entertainment & Entertainers
  •  Photographers & Videographers
  • Ballons & Flowers
  •  Shimmers and Glimmers

To bring alive the most important day of your life


Every couple aspires and works towards creating their wedding day to be an event worth remembering for themselves as also for their friends and family. We offer a range of services that include wedding cakes, the best photographers, limos and other works.

To create a beautiful wedding party for you, we offer the following varied services:

  •  Limos & Transportation
  •  Lamps and Lights
  • Wedding Officiates
  •  Ceremony Locations
  • Weeding Cakes
  •  Cinematography


They say talent wins games but team work and intelligence wins championships. To encourage, support and treat this team work right we have a host of services with us to celebrate any kinds of corporate events that you may plan for your employees and co-workers.
To make your corporate meetings and seminars a success, we offer the below services at length:

  • Party Services
  •  Locations & Venues
  •  Catering & Food
  •  Party Rentals & Sales
  • Entertainment & Entertainers
  •  Photographers & Videographers
  •  Music
  •  Decorations & Centerpieces

To rejoice the day you were born

Retriment Parties

So you were given a formal retirement party at work. Yet, you have your colleagues of so many years with whom you have shared so many memories that they are practically family. And so this informal celebration reminiscing of all the years that you worked together needs a special way of celebration. We will help you organize this with our varied range of services that will make this night a special and memorable one for you.

We also provide spaces for dance events with the perfect acoustics and beautiful parquet floor to perform. To sum it up, Earth Banquets are the best option for all your needs of events and functions.

To celebrate your matrimony


Marriage is a union between two people that takes shape with the help of experiences over the years. It is essential that this union is celebrated and reminisced with friends and family. We help you to bring alive your experiences and enhance them with our exquisite services.



Holy Communions are the most important religious service in the Christian church, in which people share bread and wine as a symbol of the Last Supper and the death of Christ. We help you bring alive this holy experience in the most beautiful way envisioned by you and your family.


To embolden the spirit of team work!

Baby Showers



Baby showers are a way to celebrate the expected birth of a child by presenting gifts to the mother and celebrating the wait of the unborn child. We help you make this day even more memorable through our services that include special themes and a wide array of choices for decorations.